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Christmas day!

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We're finally here. Christmas day. The final day of elm.christmas 2018.

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Ingar Almklov

If you've been following this advent calendar, thank you. I think I speak on behalf of all the authors of elm.christmas 2018 when I say that it has been challenging but very fun to write all these articles. We hope you have learned something and had some fun along the way.

We will not be covering any new topics today, but instead I want to give you some more pointers on your continued Elm journey.

Staying in touch

There are multiple ways to stay in touch with the Elm community.

If Twitter is your thing, the official account is @elmlang and the hashtag to use is #elmlang.

For lengthier discussions, we have an Elm Discourse and an Elm subreddit.

In addition to these, the most active platform is the offical Elm Slack. There you will find channels for everything from #beginners and #help to #api-design and #webgl to local channels like #norway and #vietnam. This is a great place to learn and to get to know people.

I also recommend you to see if there are any Elm meetups in your area. Search for Elm on meetup.com or "Elm meetup" in your favorite search engine. Many cities have one already (shoutout to Oslo Elm Meetup!) and if yours doesn't, consider organizing one yourself! If you don't know where to start, you can head on over to #meetups on the Elm Slack to get help.


In 2019 there are four (yes, four!) conferences dedicated to Elm!

It starts off February 16 with Oslo Elm Day in (you guessed it) Oslo, Norway. Speaker lineup has been announced and ticket sales are open. I'm a co-organizer of this conference, so I really hope to see you there!

Next up is the newcomer Elm In The Spring in Chicago, IL, April 26. Both ticket sales and CfP are open, so be sure to check it out.

June 27-28, Elm Europe will be held for the third time in Paris, France. Not much is known yet, but ticket sales are open.

The final Elm conference of the year will be elm-conf. There haven't been any announcements about the 2019 edition yet but previous years it has been a pre-conference for Strange Loop, so my guess is that it will be sometime in September.

Authors of elm.christmas 2018

It's time to thank all the amazing people who have made this thing possible. In chronological order:

Give them all a big virtual high five 🙌 Even better, if you see them in person, give them a hug and thank them for their hard work!

Also, huge thanks to Kristofer Selbekk for the idea behind the calendar and the technical platform.

The end?

All that's left now is to wish you, dear reader, a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, happy holidays or whichever greeting best suits you. Take care of yourself, your friends, your family and loved ones.

Enjoy the rest of the year, and we'll see you in 2019! 🎉🎆

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